Price Drop on Two of the Most Popular Handheld Lasers

by | Feb 16, 2022 | High Power Laser Pointers

The laser community will be happy to learn about the price drop for 2 of our most popular high-power lasers. The popularity of the GX Green Laser and the BX Blue Laser Pointer has allowed for a permanent price reduction to start now in 2022. This is great news because it means lasers are becoming more accessible for everyday folks. As light diode technology improves, production and quality become easier to achieve at a lower cost basis. This means better lasers at a lower cost, it’s that simple.

GX High Power Green LaserGX High Power Burning Green Laser

Popular for uses like goose control, laser engraving, star-gazing, military exercises, arborists, construction, and more; the GX is ideal for loads of real-world applications. Gone are the days of a visible laser costing as much as a computer. That means more and more people have taken advantage of what a powerful green laser beam can do to assist in everyday life.

  • Arborists & Landscaping: need to point out specific limbs or branches for pruning or clearing of trees and brush? The GX utilizes a consistent green outdoor aam of laser light at 532nm making it ideal for this sort of outdoor use.
  • Astronomy & Star-Gazing:  although low-power lasers are suitable for nighttime astronomy use, a higher power laser is better for visibility and clearly pointing out constellations.
  • Burning Ability: the GX is a class IV laser meaning it can light matches, pop balloons, cut electrical tape, etch into wood, and more. Be sure to wear your laser safety goggles.
  • Construction Crews: need to point out a window or piece of scaffolding 6-stories high on a building construction site? Using a powerful green laser beam allows you more easily work together and coordinate at busy job sites.
  • Goose Control: a high-power green laser beam is the ultimate goose control laser device. The bright beam scares flocks off without harming them in any way and can be used during the daytime, dawn/dusk, or nighttime. Keep your property clear of droppings with the GX 500mW or 750mW.
  • Military Training Exercises: many high-power lasers are used for night-time military training and real-world combat situations.
  • Scientific Research: particle research or quantum-entanglement research are possible with a solid laser beam. Lasers are great for loads of scientific applications and research.
  • Visibility: green laser light is 5x-7x brighter than any other beam color at the same power as it is the brightest color to the human eye. So a 200mW green laser is 5X brighter than a 200mW red laser and 7X brighter than a 200mW purple laser.

This is just a shortlist of some ways in which a powerful green laser beam can be used.

BX Burning Blue LaserBX High Power Blue Laser Pointer

Blue lasers have long been a staple of laser enthusiasts and tech-focused individuals for more than ten years. Since Sony’s push towards blu-ray film discs, blue laser diode technology has become the go-to data transfer device. Blue diode production costs were reduced and this focus allowed for powerful blue lasers to be available at lower costs than their green counterparts. For this reason, you can get a 5,000mW blue laser for less than a 1,000mW green laser. To those who don’t know lasers, this seems to not make sense. “How can a laser be stronger but cost less?“. It just comes down to the availability of costs of these production diodes. What is a powerful blue laser good for? Lots, let’s take a look:

  • Burning Ability: stronger than most other lasers, the BX is available in 1,200mW, 2,000mW, or 3,000mW, making it the ideal burning laser. As a rule, the higher the mW the better over 400mW for this sort of thing (in any color), but the blue units being 1,000mW+ makes them the best for burning, melting, etc.
  • High-Visibility: as the BX starts at 1,200mW and goes from there you also get a very visible laser beam. Good for daytime use or nighttime use

Have a Question? Don’t Hesitate to Ask

If you’re shopping for a high-quality laser, but you have questions, you should be able to get an answer. Any laser company that doesn’t answer the phone, emails, or live chat should be called into question. Do they make real power claims? Or do they say things like “50,000mW for only $99!“. That is so far from the truth. A 50,000mW laser would need to be chilled with dry ice, would be the size of a small car, and cut through a home. So, don’t believe absurd mW power claims. Ask questions and look for a real person to help you if you need it.

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