LED Flashlights

LED flashlight design has come a long way in the past 2 decades. Now we see a wide range of models and varying designs (both externally and internally) to suit the need of any application. Whether you need a bright and functional flashlight for home, work, in the car, or outdoors, find a wide range of models perfect for your needs.

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  • Fusion Xenon High Power Flashlight

    Fusion Xenon HID Flashlight 35W or 85W

  • Mini TorchX Flashlight

    2000lm LED Waterproof Flashlight Focusable 3 Modes “Mini-TorchX”

  • Earth LED Flashlight

    “Earth” 400 Lumens 3 Mode LED Flashlight

  • Raptor 2000lm LED Flashlight

    “Raptor” 800-2000 Lumens LED Flashlight

  • TorchX High Power LED Flashlight

    “TorchX” Flashlight 3800Lm – 30,000Lm High Power Flashlight