Blue Laser Pointers

Blue laser pointers are some of the rarest and most technologically advanced hand held lasers available for purchase today. Ranging from low power 473nm at 2mW all the way up to the most powerful outputs available in 447nm 1,000mW units. Find the latest selection in blue laser pointer with the lowest prices online.

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  • “ORO” Burning Handheld Blue Laser Pointer

  • “Laser Saber” High Power Blue Saber Laser System 3W

  • “BX” High Power Blue Laser Pointer 450nm 2,000mW – 3,000mW

  • “BX3” Burning Blue Laser Pointer 450nm 1000mW – 1500mW

  • “ODIN” 5,000mW (5W) Powerful Handheld Burning Blue Laser

  • 1W Handheld Blue Laser 450nm 1,000mW Blue Laser Pointer “Freeze”

  • “BX1” 1000mW Blue Laser Pointer Burning 450nm

  • “BX5” High Power Blue Laser Pointer 450nm Handheld Burning Laser

  • “ARK” Burning Blue Laser Pointer

  • “BXL” 4,200mW (4.2W)Blue Laser System

  • “Classic” Blue Laser Pointer 2mW – 5mW

  • “BX7” Blue Hand Held laser 445nm 500mW- 2000mW