Do Green Lasers Really Work as a Goose Deterrent?

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Goose Control Laser Pointers

The short answer is yes, but not just any green laser will do the trick. If you’re looking for ways to prevent geese from destroying your yard or commercial space a high-power green laser is the right choice. Let’s take a look at what sort of laser you’ll need and how to properly use it for this sort of application.

Geese & Other Avian Pests

Finding the Best Goose Control Laser means going with green and a minimum of 400mW

Best Goose Control Laser

Canadian Geese and other birds are protected wildlife species. They are migratory animals who form the classic “flying-V” we’re all familiar with and have seen in classic movies like The Mighty Ducks. Many homeowners, golf courses, public parks, and areas close to water are bombarded every year. They cover large areas and can come in flocks of 3 up to 100+ individuals. That means a huge mess on your lawn and around the grounds. As the geese feed they also defecate around the property.

They are a protected species (See the US Fish & Wildlife Service website):

  • it is illegal to harm Canadian geese and other wildlife
  • alternatives such as chemical poisons are cruel and pose other risks to local wildlife and children playing where chemicals have been laid
  • don’t fire weapons or fireworks at geese
  • do not throw rocks or harass these peaceful animals

No matter how badly you’d like to eliminate your goose problem, harming these animals is cruel and unnecessary.

Goose Control Green Laser Pointers

Why green you ask? It’s simple, green is the brightest wavelength for color seeing animals such as human beings or geese. In terms of visibility, a green laser beam is 5 – 7 times brighter than any laser color (at the same output power). This means a 500mW green laser is 5x brighter than a 500mW red laser and 7x brighter than a 500mW purple laser. So green will be your best bet for this sort of thing.

Daytime Vs. Nightime Usage

You can’t just use any laser for this sort of thing. The nature of a condensed laser beam is very different from daylight hours or night. You can’t control when the geese come around. More often than not they nest at dusk, you’ll need a laser strong enough to be used in sunlight. But not all lasers are suitable for daylight hours, you’ll need no less than 400mW in green at 532nm to be suitable up to a few hundred feet. The general rule is, “the higher the power the better for daytime use”.

Goose Control Laser Usage Instructions

Let’s go over how you’ll use the laser properly for this application. (We’re assuming you’re using a green laser that is bright enough in the daylight hours).

  • Charge your lasers batteries fully
  • Geese operate as flocks, you’ll notice (let’s say there are 10 geese in total), that 8 of them will appear to be feeding while 1 or 2 or essentially on guard duty. 
  • The “guard duty” geese are the alpha males and their job is to protect and guide the flock. You want to target the alpha males.
  • You want to target the feet of the alphas, a hard surface close to them like stones or tree trunk, and also target the flock they are guarding over.
  • Alpha males won’t let you get close to the geese on foot so when a bright green dot is not only close to their mates and babies but even touching them, the alphas alert the flock it’s time to flee.
  • Be consistent, if the geese come back after one or two times being scared away, they tend to learn after a few that there is something “dangerous” in this area and avoid it outright.

This is a basic rundown of using a high-power green laser for goose control. If you have questions don’t hesitate to give us a ring and we’ll gladly go over this sort of thing and recommend the right laser.

For the best goose control laser, look no further than the GX1 high power green laser, 400mW+ is recommended.