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New “MONARCH” 7.5W (7,500mW) Blue Handheld Laser Released

We have been working for quite a while to develop a newer and stronger handheld blue laser. That effort has finally paid off with last week's release of the "MONARCH 7.5W Blue Laser". This unit takes the existing 5W threshold and kicks it up by 50% of power plus...

Should I Buy a 100mW or 200mW Green Laser Pointer?

If you're shopping around for a green laser pointer, you have likely seen many different designs, output powers, safety features, and components. Green lasers can range in power from <5mW up to 1,000mW in handheld form. How do you know the right power level for...

Price Drop on Two of the Most Popular Handheld Lasers

The laser community will be happy to learn about the price drop for 2 of our most popular high-power lasers. The popularity of the GX Green Laser and the BX Blue Laser Pointer has allowed for a permanent price reduction to start now in 2022. This is great news because...

2021 Reflection & New Handheld Laser Technology for 2022

2022 is just a few short days away and that means a time for reflection on the year we've just had. We saw the pandemic continue, supply chains get slogged, and inflation increase global costs, but it wasn't all bad news this past year! In fact, despite all of those...

Featured Products

  • Bullet Green Laser Pointer

    “Bullet” Green Laser Pointer 532nm Astronomy Lasers 30mW – 150mW

  • BX High Power Blue Laser Pointer

    “BX” High Power Blue Laser Pointer 450nm 2,000mW – 3,000mW

  • BX3 Burning Blue Laser Pointer

    “BX3” Burning Blue Laser Pointer 450nm 1000mW – 1500mW

  • GX High Power Burning Green Laser

    “GX” High Power Burning Green Laser 500mW – 750mW

  • GX3 High Power Green Laser

    “GX3” High Power Green Laser Pointer 100mW – 200mW

  • Monarch Handheld Blue Laser

    “MONARCH” Burning Handheld Blue Laser Pointer 5W – 7.5W

  • Odin High Power Blue Laser

    “Odin” 1W (1,000mW) Green Laser System

  • Odin High Power Blue Laser

    “ODIN” 5,000mW (5W) Powerful Handheld Burning Blue Laser

  • PX High Power Purple Laser

    “PX” Burning Purple Laser Pointer 600mW – 1000mW

  • PX3 Purple Laser Pointer

    “PX3” 200mW High Power Purple Laser Pointer

  • Razer USB Laser Pointer

    “Razer” USB 100mW Green Laser Pointer

  • RX Red Laser Pointer

    “RX” High Power Red Laser Pointer – 200mW – 500mW


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