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Laser Pointers for Arborists, Landscaping, and Construction

Laser pointers aren't only used by astronomy enthusiasts and scientific hobbyists to light matches and pop balloons. There are some real-world applications where handheld lasers have become indispensable to day-to-day work. These include hands-on jobs like landscaping...

Geese Deterrent Laser Pointers and How to Use Them

Canadian geese are great at making a mess of your property in all seasons no matter where you live. Property managers and homeowners who live near a body of water know what happens when flocks of geese arrive. It won't take long for them to get comfortable, nest, and...

What Makes a Burning Laser Pointer?

Laser pointers are broken down into different classes which signify the output power of the particular unit. But if you're looking to buy a burning laser, it's important to understand what different laser pointer classes and powers mean to you, the end-user. Let's...

Laser Pointers: 8 Things to Know Before you Buy

Laser pointers are quickly growing in popularity. If you're curious about what laser pointers are, what they do, who uses them, and more important questions regarding lasers, you've come to the right place. Here we'll address questions like: What are laser pointers?...

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