“MONARCH” Burning Handheld Blue Laser Pointer 5W – 7.5W


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The “MONARCH” burning handheld blue laser is available at 5.0W (5,000mW) or 7,500mW (7.5W). Fully focus adjustable, the Monarch has been designed to be stunning visually with its gold color while also producing stunning blue beams of laser light. Light matches, pop balloons, and more with this class IV laser.

  • NEW Highest Power – now with 5W and 7,500mW (7.5W), making it the strongest blue handheld laser available.
  • Focus Adjustable – now offering greater beam control with focus adjustment.
  • Updated Laser Case – be unique with the Monarch’s updated casing.
  • 1-Year Warranty – every laser pointer we offer is backed by our full 1-year diode warranty.

Included with your order:

  • Metal Carrying Case
  • 1 Pair Safety Goggles
  • 5 x Laser Lenses
  • Lithium Batteries x 2 + Charger
  • 1 Year Warranty
Model: “MONARCH” Blue
Size: 200mm x 25mm
Wavelength: 450nm
Laser Body: Stainless Steel
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Max Power: 5.0W (5,000mW) or 7.5W (7,500mW)
Includes: Goggles, 1-year warranty, battery/charger + metal case, 5 x laser lenses
Beam Divergence: 2.0mRad
Beam Diameter: 2.0mm (adjustable)
Power Supply: Lithium 18650 (batteries and charger included)
Battery Lifetime: 120 mins
Switch: On/Off Switch
Operating Temperature: 0-35 C
Duty Cycle: 2 minutes on, 1 min off
Expected Lifetime: 5,000 Hours
Warranty: One Year