Why does Laser Light Seem Magical to Human Beings?

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Lasers

There is something special about a bright laser beam. It captures our interest, holds our attention, points the way to the heavens, defies logic, and so much more. But what is it about a visible laser beam that seems magical to human beings?

We’ve all seen lasers in the movies. From “Sharks with laser beams on their heads” to a red dot sight in a spy movie or Star Wars. Lasers have found their way into everyday pop culture in ways that may surprise you. Something is fascinating about a condensed beam of light and it adds to visual effects on camera.

But why does something so simple seem so magical and surreal to us? 

Light is Essential to Life on Earth

Light is essential to life on earth and is fascinating

Laser Light

Light energy is an important piece of the life cycle here on earth and likely in many parts of the universe. The light of the sun provides plants with consumable energy for photosynthesis and animals with plants to eat who are full of the sun’s energy. We see the sun and the moon rise and fall each day and the stars pave the way to the heavens at night. Light protects us from dangers and predators.

Without light, there would be no life on earth. Without light, there would likely be no breathable oxygen on earth. Without light, there would be no Home Sapien. 

Manmade Light Tools have Evolved

Fire was an important discovery for human evolution. It provided light to see at night, fend off predators, heat to survive the winters, and heat to cook food making it safer and easier to digest. This progressed with technology to oil lamps, cooking stoves, and finally electrical light bulbs that we use today. But where do lasers fall into the history of light tools? They have proven integral for modern scientific applications and found their way into everyday items like computers.

Most lasers that are used fall into the infrared category, sending a beam that is invisible to the human eye. Think of a garage sensor light, it uses an IR Laser to detect when something enters its visible zone and turn on the garage light. Or your TV remote control which also uses IR lasers to send signals to and from the TV.

Visible lasers on the other hand are used for military exercises, giving a presentation, astronomy stargazing, as a goose control laser pointer, and so much more.

Choosing a Laser Pointer

Handheld laser pointers are used for a lot of different reasons both for practical purposes and as a hobby. Not everyone needs a high-power green laser for military training exercises but whatever your reason for buying a laser pointer, be sure you know a few key things:

  • Green laser light is 5x-7x brighter than other laser colors at the same power. So, a 200mW green laser is 5x brighter than a 200mW blue laser and 7x brighter than a 200mw purple laser.
  • Burning lasers that can light matches and pop balloons require a minimum of 300mW of power, but the higher the power the better (the color doesn’t matter for burning only the mW power).
  • Using safety goggles is important for indoor laser use, even when using lower power lasers.
  • Rechargeable batteries are used for the vast majority of high power laser pointers
  • You CANNOT aim at aircraft, motor vehicles, law enforcement, armed forces, or public spaces like stadiums.

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