Geese Deterrent Laser Pointers and How to Use Them

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Goose Control Laser Pointers

Canadian geese are great at making a mess of your property in all seasons no matter where you live. Property managers and homeowners who live near a body of water know what happens when flocks of geese arrive. It won’t take long for them to get comfortable, nest, and hatch eggs; while at the same time destroying your property with their endless supply of disgusting and unsightly droppings.

So, if you can’t hunt them or harm them, do you have any options? In a word, yes.

Laser Pointers as a Goose Deterrent

Geese Deterrent Laser Pointers

Geese Deterrent Laser Pointers

You can try to run outside after the geese to scare them but after once or twice this will be unsustainable. First of all, you’ll have to physically leave your home and chase the geese. Secondly, they’ll go into the water and stare at you. Thirdly, as soon as you leave they’ll return. So, are you stuck forever cleaning up goose droppings or picking them out of your shoes? Luckily not, enter the high power laser pointer.

High power lasers are an ideal animal or pest control tool for a few reasons:

  1. Lasers are non-lethal – lasers are incredibly bright and great at scaring away geese, but they will not harm them in any way.
  2. Lasers offer a long visible range – high power green laser pointers are the ideal beam color because of how bright they appear to the human eye and birds eyes. 
  3. High power lasers can be used during the daytime – most flocks of geese will make a mess of your property during the daytime. A low power laser won’t throw enough light to have an impact on the flock, so be sure you’re going with a high power laser. See our article on our Best Hand Held Laser Pointers for Daytime Use
  4. Laser pointers are portable, with most easily fitting in your pocket or in an included belt loop holster
  5. Lasers help keep your yard clean
  6. Lasers are a cost-effective goose deterrent tool

What Beam Color & Output Power

Now that we understand a few ways in which lasers are a good anti-goose tool, we need to get into the specific varieties of lasers that will be best suited for this sort of work. The color is incredibly important but so too is the power level. As a general rule, green laser light is 5x-7x brighter than any other laser color, at the same power. So, if we have a 500mW green laser pointer it will be 5x brighter than 500mW blue or red laser and 7x brighter than a 500mw purple laser. So green is your best bet. 

How much beam power is suitable? What is the power minimum for this sort of application? So, because geese will typically show up during the daytime you’ll need a laser that can be visible to them and yourself during the day. As a rule, a minimum of Green 200mW is a starting point and just bright enough to be used during the daytime. Anything less than 200mW will get too washed out during a flush sunny day. But, the higher the power the better. If your budget allows you to go upwards of 500mW or 1000mW, you will have a far greater impact during bright sunny days and at a greater distance away.

See all of our Green Laser Pointers here.

Where to Buy a Goose Deterrent Laser Pointer

Because this is a real-world application you’ll want to be sure you’re looking at high-quality lasers from a legitimate manufacturer. If the model you’re looking at has no warranty of any kind (or less than one year), the company has no phone number to call or doesn’t reply to emails, and if the price seems insanely cheap; then you may want to look elsewhere. After all, any laser brand that won’t stand by their products with a warranty period should be called into question. 

For the best in Geese Deterrent Laser Pointers, look no further than right here at Big Lasers, proudly providing laser technology since 2005. Call today if you have questions or need help choosing a model, 1-877-256-6513

*Do Not Harm Canadian Geese

These are protected wildlife creatures and it is illegal to harm them or hunt them in away, even if they are pooping all over your yard, driveway, walkways, and lawn. Many folks would love nothing better than to set traps or shoot at them with a BB gun, but this is way too cruel. They are just trying to live their lives and  have a right to live just the same as we do. After all, they are wild animals who have not been domesticated and people tend to forget we share this earth with other species, it is not ours alone.*