Best Hand Held Laser Pointers For Daytime Use

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Best Laser Pointers

Laser light technology has evolved in a number of great ways over the past few decades. Whether looking for a laser for a specific application or for more informal reasons, having one be both visible in the daytime and night time requires a few specifications. Like flashlights or car headlights, laser light will be very clearly visible at night time, low light, or dusk; no matter the color or the beam strength above 1mW. With many lasers starting at 100mW of power, night time visibility is very clear. For daytime use though you’ll have to go with something much higher in power.

Light Devices In Daytime Hours

Best Hand Held Laser Pointers

Best Hand Held Laser Pointers

Take a flashlight or your smartphone flashlight and turn it on during the bright sunlit hours of the day. You’ll of course see that its not really all that visible in comparison to other darker parts of the day. The same applies for a hand held laser pointer so if you need your beam visible at let’s say 100 meters, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind.

  • Green at 532nm is the brightest color to the human eye – you’ll want to go with a green beam when it comes to daytime visibility. At the same mW power green laser light is 5-7x brighter than any other laser color. See our green laser pointers
  • 200mW is a starting point – for real daytime use the higher the mW power the better visibility you will get. Minimum 200mW is a good starting point for arborists or range shooting. But the stronger the better for daytime use.
  • Focus Adjustment – going with a laser that allows you to widen or thin out the beam will be a smart choice as well. You can increase the intensity of the beam by thinning it or focusing it more. That will make it more visible in the daytime hours.

Choosing A Suitable Model

The specific laser you should be considering will depend on a few things, namely, what is the specific application you’re going to use it for. If you are an arborist or landscaper you’ll want something green and high in power to easily point out tree branches and limbs you’ll be removing or pruning. For other applications like giving a presentation you can go with something a little bit less in power as you’ll be undoubtedly using the laser on a black board or a white board projector screen, so then you can go a little lighter. Anywhere you’ll be combating the sun directly its always smarter to go higher in power as opposed to lower if you are unsure.

To Summarize

Green will be the brightest laser beam color at the same strength and 200mW is a minimum starting point for outdoor use. Remember the higher the mW power the better and the greater distance you need to use the laser at the greater strength you’ll need for daytime use. If you have questions about a model suitability for any particular application you can always ask questions if you have them. We are here for phone and live chat during business hours and email 24/7.

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