Tips For Buying High-Quality Laser Pointers

by | Mar 19, 2018 | High Power Laser Pointers

Are you in the search for the highest quality laser pointer that offers the best in

High Power Green Lasers

High Power Green Lasers

functionality, design, and features? is dedicated to providing a wide variety of high-standard lasers for every type of application. The available laser pointers vary on different aspects including beam color, output power, and design style.

There are several factors you should take into consideration to ensure you buy the best laser pointer that is suited to your needs.

Depending on the situation, different laser pointers will work better than others. When you need to point out constellations, buy a powerful laser pointer that can clearly point toward the spot in the sky. If your application requires a particular range or extended distance, make sure to contact us to help identify the best laser for your application. We can assist in choosing a laser that meets your application requirements distance, visibility, output power, and beam intensity at any desired target.

Colors of light produced
There are multiple colors of laser pointers, all with different intended uses. The color of a laser pointer’s dot or beam corresponds directly to the wavelength it emits. While red lasers are the most commonly used in homes, blue and green laser pointers are increasingly growing in popularity. You can choose from our wide variety of colors ranging from 532nm green, 450nm blue, 405nm purple, and 650nm red.

For superior visibility – buy green laser pointers
The human eye is much sensitive to green than red and blue lasers. In fact, the 532nm green lasers are 7X to 10X brighter than any other beam colors at the same output power. Green pointers are excellent for pointing out objects that are very far away, as a person can easily follow the laser’s beam in its entirety. We carry green laser pointers for countless applications, including star pointing, demonstrations, presentations, photography, and many more.

Output power
A laser’s output power determines the strength of its beam. Laser pointers are divided into a number of classes based on how powerful they are. High power levels, measured in milliwatts (mW), create longer range and more vibrant-looking beams. The amount of power determines its relative brightness, burning ability as well as safety class. The available laser pointers can produce different amounts of power ranging from 5mW to 1,000mW (1W).

Burning ability
The most important factor that determines the burning ability of a laser pointer is its output power. The color of the laser beam matters less. A laser pointer requires a minimum of 200mW output power to generate enough intensity to burn things such as matches, firecrackers, balloons, cigarettes and more. When buying your laser pointer, keep in mind that the higher the power, the more easily and faster the laser pointer can burn things.

Design features
Our laser pointers come with a solid set of safety features, an adjustable focus that lets you adjust the beam’s intensity to suit a variety of uses, lens caps, and other accessories. Additionally, the durability of the system is also another factor you should take into consideration. We offer strong, top-notch devices which serve you for extended periods of time so that you can realize value for your money. Regardless of your design preferences, you are sure to find a laser pointer that is well suited for home, office or educational environments.

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