What Makes a Burning Laser Pointer?

by | Dec 14, 2020 | burning lasers

Laser pointers are broken down into different classes which signify the output power of the particular unit. But if you’re looking to buy a burning laser, it’s important to understand what different laser pointer classes and powers mean to you, the end-user. Let’s take a look at what power level is required for a burning handheld laser, what you can burn, and if the color matters at all.

Burning Laser Pointer Power Threshold

Burning Laser Pointers

Burning Laser Pointers

The most important item regarding laser pointers burning ability is the output power. Hand-held lasers are available from low powers of less than 5mW and up to 5,000mW (5 Watts) for civilian use. But what is the proper power to produce enough heat to be considered a “burning laser”?

As a general rule, you’ll want a minimum of 200mW to light matches and pop balloons but the higher the power the better for burning ability. Class IV lasers are the most ideal for burning ability because they are all 500mW or higher. Class III can be suitable but only at the higher end of the power spectrum (200mW – 499mW). 

A laser is considered “burning” when it can produce enough heat to “burn” or “light” items for scientific experimentation, hobbies, or work purposes. 

See our laser class explanation article: What is the Difference Between Class III and Class IV Laser Pointers?

What Can a Burning Laser Pointer Do?

Lasers that are rated for burning will be able to do several different things. This will depend on the strength that you go with but generally burning lasers can:

  • light matches, cigars, and fuzes
  • etch into certain types of wood
  • cut through electrical type
  • pop balloons
  • deter insects and geese
  • be used for personal defense
  • used for home defense
  • used for communication & signaling over long distances
  • military training & combat exercises
  • fire rescue use / emergency use
  • personal safety device
  • and more

A high power burning laser is typically also very bright (if it is in a visible light color like 532nm green). So, the value in a burning laser isn’t only the ability to light a fuze

Does the Laser Beam Color Make a Difference?

The short answer is No, the color doesn’t matter for burning ability. In fact, you can have an infrared laser that is strong enough to burn things and is completely invisible to the naked human eye. So the color doesn’t matter in terms of a laser burning ability. Only the mW strength determines the burning ability of any laser with class IV at 500mW or more being the best suited for burning. 

Blue lasers are typically the best for burning, not because they are blue, but because they tend to be 1000mW or higher. Ever since blu-ray became the leading data disk variety for films, blue laser diodes have come down in price and gone up in available power. For this reason, most of the blue handheld lasers out there are 1000mW or higher making them Class IV and ideal for burning ability. Blue lasers can go all the way up to 5,000W so generally for maximum burning ability go with a high power blue laser pointer. 

Where to Buy Burning Laser Pointers?

These items are not sold in stores and can only be found online, but not all laser pointer manufacturers are created equal. You should be looking to buy lasers from:

  • Companies within the USA (like Biglasers.com)
  • Companies with a working phone number
  • Companies with fast live chat and email response times
  • Companies who have been around for more than 5 years
  • Companies who offer warranties on their lasers

You should very seriously be looking at the laser company you’re considering. Can you get questions answered if you have them? What about warranties? 

If a laser pointer company is unwilling to back their goods with any warranty period or a period of less than 1 year, you know you can’t trust the quality of the engineering or construction. After all, how can you trust a company that doesn’t even trust their products will work for a year? You can’t. 

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