Military Laser Pointers Now Available Cheap Online

by | Sep 13, 2011 | Military Laser Pointers

No longer are high power military laser pointers reserved for the armed forces and military personnel. Today, you can buy military lasers online that are extremely powerful and 100% legal to own and operate as a civilian for personal use for any application.

When considering what sort of hand held laser is ideal for your needs, first consider what you’ll actually be using the laser for. If you are intending to use the laser as a non-lethal or lethal targeting system, you’ll most likely be looking for some variety of infrared laser that is only visible with special camera and imaging equipment.

Buy Military Laser Pointers

Buy Military Laser Pointers

IR lasers are typically mounted to rifles or scopes in order to “paint” targets for attack or locating in the theater of war. This is a great tool for military snipers and sharpshooters, while at the same time can be used for search and rescue where needed.

If you’re planning to use a powerful laser pointer for astronomy use or standard practices like giving a presentation or for fun around the house, you’ll probably consider a laser that is visible to the human eye. Preferably a green laser pointer, red, blue, violet, or even orange nowadays.

Be sure to do some research into any laser brand you’re considering as certain models will be ideal as military lasers while others should not be considered used in the field of combat. There is only one United States based laser provider that offers a wide range of various cheap laser pointers, Big Lasers.