Choosing A High Power Laser System

by | Sep 23, 2018 | High Power Lasers

Technology has improved at an astounding rate in recent history. From the advancement of the computer and the Internet age, to aerospace and space exploration technology, to medical breakthroughs that save lives; but also in products we can utilize as everyday citizens of earth. For example, take laser pointers. When cheap red key-chain lasers that were not bright and had no real visible range were the norm, now its possible for anyone to utilize high power laser technology in a convenient and portable handheld form.

Let’s take a look at some of the major high power laser system advances and what you should be considering before you buy.

1. Safety Features and Infrared Filters

Buy High Power Laser Systems

Buy High Power Laser Systems

It’s no mystery that any condensed beam of laser light has the potential to be used improperly. For this reason, the high quality units available on the market today utilize what are known as infrared beam filters. What these safety mechanisms do is actually prevent any invisible light being emitted from the laser itself. This is critical for all output powers but even more so for some of the burning units we see today. This is because when you are using a visible laser you see the beam and can take care as to avoid reflective surfaces and experience and latent inadvertent exposure. The cheaper units out there that don’t utilize this simple and inexpensive piece of equipment can actually be somewhat dangerous to use at high powers, indoors, for extended periods of time. Be sure that any laser system you’re considering comes complete with IR filters to prevent any unwanted exposure.

2. Visible Distance and Burning Power

It used to be that laser pointers could only really be used effectively in total darkness or at nighttime. This was because the only available color was red and available powers were 5mW or less. Nowadays, we see lasers available in the entire visible light spectrum, from Ultra Violet, to visible like like green, red, blue, and purple, all the way to the short wavelength range of Infrared which are not visible to the human eye. This means that you have lots of options to choose from and when it comes to power, handhelds like blue can be in excess of 3,000mW (3 Watts), and visible at night for over 15 miles on a clear line of site. Burning requires a few hundred mW or more to be effective and be sure the unit you’re considering includes safety goggles so you can work with the beam efficiently and in a safe manner.

3. Knowing What You Need

Many laser pointer hobbyists are into astronomy and star gazing, or science experimentation like power testing and burning ability, however there are those of use who utilize this sort of technology for more specific applications. The list is ever growing and includes everything from controlling geese at home and around airports, military applications and training, search and rescue missions, camping safety, line sighting and leveling, and the list goes on. If you have a specific application in mind that you need a laser for, odds are you can nowadays find the exact tool for the job in a cost effective way.

Making the most of today’s laser pointer technology doesn’t require extensive knowledge of physics, engineering, or enhanced diode pumped solid state technology. With a little bit of guidance and maybe even some research on the web, you can find the perfect hand held laser at the right color, the right power, and most importantly the right price. Be sure to ask questions if you have them an only trust companies not based overseas for this sort of tech. Not to mention, look for warranty periods of 1 year and not less. For the best in Buy High Power Laser System, look no further than over 15 years of expertise right here at