Tips On Choosing A Laser Pointer

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Buy Lasers

There are literally hundreds of different varieties of laser pointers available to buy online today, leaving many faced with the question: “what laser pointer should I choose?”

Here we’ll look at a few key important factors to consider before making any purchase.

1. Laser Beam Color

Buy A Laser Online

Buy A Laser Online

Lasers are available in both visible light and invisible (infrared or ultraviolet) light, but for most users an invisible laser beam will defeat the purpose of the laser entirely. As a rule, it is important to note that green lasers at 532nm will always be 7x – 10x brighter than any other laser color at the same power level. Meaning that a 200mW green laser is 7x brighter than a 200mW of any other color.

2. Output Power

Laser powers are measured in milliwatts (mW) and are available from 5mW all the way up to 1,000mW (1W) in hand held form. What power should you go with? It depends what applications you’ll be using your laser for. If you’re looking for a burning laser that can light matches and pop balloons, you’ll need minimum 200mW of power (in any color), and the higher the output power the greater the burning ability of any laser.

3. Design Styles

After you’re sure what color and output power you’re looking for, you’ll then need to browse lasers that fit your specific design preferences and features. Some lasers incorporate key switch safety technology, constant on/off switch, air cooling, laser lenses, focus adjustable lenses, and even water proofing. Each model is different so be sure to carefully look over specifications to find the laser that will meet all of your expectations.

If you’re looking to Buy A Laser Pointer, take the proper time and do a little bit of research. With even the most minimal of searching you can find a model and design that suits your needs. If you have questions about a particular model, don’t hesitate to contact the company directly. After all, if you can’t get any help or support, you should probably shop elsewhere. 1-877-614-5304