What Is The World’s Most Powerful Laser Pointer?

by | Oct 17, 2011 | S3 Lasers

The world of lasers has seen a great deal of competition over the past decade as companies look to develop record breaking technology in the form of the World’s Most Powerful Laser Pointer. With organizations like Guinness Book of Records involved in testing and comparison of the wide range of high power lasers out there, there has been one brand and model in particular that stands out amongst the rest. That is the S3 Arctic and S3 Krypton from brand name Wicked Lasers, the most powerful blue and green hand held lasers on the planet.

World's Most Powerful Laser

World's Most Powerful Laser

With output powers of 1,000mW these Class IV laser systems incorporate some of the most advanced hand held technology every developed. With Smart Switch technology that functions as a safety mechanism as well as a laser control system, enhanced diode cooling technology to ensure high power without overheating, and a revolutionary military body design. If you’re looking for a powerful laser, there can be no substitute considering the S3 series incredible price point and technical specs.

Incredible power offered at an incredibly low price point of $299.95 making the S3 series not only the world’s most powerful, but also most popular, lasers. When considering most other high power lasers (nowhere near as strong as 1,000mW) go for $1,000 or more it’s no mystery why the S3 lasers are so sought after. If you’re looking for the most power for your investment only the S3 can match your expectations. It is important, however, to do your own research into the various laser brands or models you are considering. The S3 Arctic Pro and S3 Krypton are only available from a single United States based laser provider and its important to look into the specific applications you’ll be utilizing such a high power laser for.