World’s Brightest – The Torch Flashlight 100W 4100 Lumens

by | Oct 6, 2011 | Flashlights

Currently under review by the Guinness Book of World Records as the brightest flashlight on earth is the 4100 lumens 100 watt Torch. This one of a kind portable spot light made international news upon its release to the market simply because of the unbelievable technical specifications incorporated within the design. Flashlight technology has been evolving for last century but nothing quite like this has ever been seen until now.

Torch Flashlight

Torch Flashlight 100W

100W at 4100 Lumens

What makes the Torch flashlight so remarkable is the incredible amount of light and heat it generates at 100. Users feel as if they are holding a spot light that is typically reserved to large box units being mounted on turrets and tripods. The beam will easily light up an entire city block or a vast portion of the outdoors (woods, field,etc.) making it ideal for a wide range of applications from night time use, military use, search and rescue, and so much more.

Adjustable Focus

As is common with high power flashlights, the Torch has an adjustable focusing lens which allows users to expand or condense the beacon where needed. This provides a use full range that can be adjusted as needed, from pinpointing a specific target to lighting up an entire football field. The ability to control the distance and intensity of the 100W beam makes this flashlight that much more practical.

Burning and Lighting Capabilities

With the intensely bright beam comes a fair amount of heat. The Torch can be used for lighting paper or camp fires and is even used for cooking in the outdoors. Due to the heat produced, engineers who designed the unit have incorporated a heat resistant lens that remains cool to the touch providing a high level of safety within the powerful design.

Safe Price Point

On top of all the advances to flashlight technology that the Torch has produced, it carries an incredibly modest price point of $149.95. Similar flashlight brands which have far less impressive specifications go for over $200, even upwards of $1,000. As budgeting is a critical component for military, government personnel, and everyday users, the wicked lasers Torch provides an affordable and powerful option everyone can take advantage of.

If you’re looking to buy the Torch flashlight, it is only available from a single United States based supplier, Be sure to conduct your own research and have an idea of what applications the Torch will be used for before you make a purchase.