High Power Laser Pointers Push Hand Held Technology

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Laser Pointers

Laser technology has seen dramatic advances in technology over the past decade, with high power laser pointers now readily available for sale online, no longer are lasers of this magnitude reserved for military or research purposes. You can find a wide range of models, styles, output powers, colors, and even safety features that did not exist just even 5 years ago.

High Power Lasers

High Power Lasers

Laser manufacturers are getting more and more clever as they aim to push the envelope of portable laser technology and make lasers available to anyone with interest. As technology has increased, costs have actually decreased as far as components, diodes, power sources, etc. This means that right now a high power laser can be purchased at a far lower price point than ever could have been imagined in the past.

They’ve received so much attention that the FDA has its own set of classifications and safety regulations for legal and proper use of lasers of all output powers. With popularity on the rise and the technology being available a number of places online, a system of regulation was deemed necessary to ensure the safe use of all light emission radiation technology, also known as lasers.

For the first time powerful lasers that are visible for miles on end are available to the public, without licenses or research facilities. This is not to say that high power laser pointers are no longer dangerous as in the hands of an inexperienced user they can be quite so. It is paramount that you conduct your own research into any laser model and brand before you decide to buy, this way ensuring your thorough knowledge of the laser as well as safety measures and precautions that should be taken.