“GRAVITAS” High Power Blue Laser 15,000mW (15W)


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The “GRAVITAS” is the world’s strongest blue laser at 15,000mW (15W) and produces a powerful beam of blue laser light at 445nm and is capable of popping balloons, cutting through electrical tape, etching into wood, and is visible for more than 30+ miles. Complete with accessories, this focus adjustable blue laser system has three working modes and is the strongest handheld laser available on the market.

  • Focus Adjustable – Complete with safety cap lens and ability to adjust the focus when the system is engaged.
  • The World’s Most Powerful Blue Laser – At 15,000mW(15W), the GRAVITAS is the highest-power hand-held blue laser available today.
  • Working Modes – with 3 working modes: high power, lower power, and pulse mode (strobe function).

Included with your order:

  • Metal Carrying Case
  • 1 Pair of Safety Goggles
  • Lithium Batteries x 2 + Charger
  • Laser Lens Safety Cap
  • 1 Year Warranty
Model: “GRAVITAS” 15,000mW Blue Laser
Size: φ44*290mm
Wavelength: 450nm
Laser Casing: Aircraft Grade Aluminum (Hard Anodized Black)
Laser Class + Diode: Class IV laser, 2 x stacked 8W laser diodes
Max Power: 15,000mW (15W)
Includes: Goggles, safety cap, battery/charger + metal case
Beam Divergence: 2.0mRad
Beam Diameter: 2.0mm (adjustable)
Power Supply: Lithium 32650 (batteries and charger included)
Battery Lifetime: 120 mins
Switch: On/Off Switch
Battery Direction:  Battery “+” (Positive) Side Direction First
Duty Cycle + Preheat Time:  Continuous, 3-second preheat time
Expected Lifetime: 8,000 Hours
Warranty: One Year