1560nm IR (Infrared) Collimated Laser System

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Laser Spec Sheets


This 1560nm IR Collimated Diode Laser (semiconductor) is ideal for a wide range of applications where an infrared beam of laser light is required. Available from 500mW to 1,000mW (1W), 10% stability on the standard model and 5%, 3%, and 1% power stability for the Lab Spec model. This laser is includes a 1 year warranty, long expected lifetime, compact and light design, air cooling, and runs on standard AC power.

  • FDA Approved – FDA compliant power source, PSU-H-FDA, 90-264V AC FDA
  • Lab Spec Model – includes full LED control panel with diode current display info and safety power lock, as well as analog modulation and external power control.
Model: 1560nm Collimated DPSS Laser
Output Power: 500mW – 1,000mW (1W)
Wavelength: 1560nm
Transverse Mode: Near TEoo
Operation Mode: CW (Continuous Wave)
Warm Up Time (minutes): <5 min.
M2 Factor: <2.0
Power Stability (rms, >4hrs): <10%, <5%, <3%, <1%
Polarization Ratio: >50:1
Beam Height From Base (mm): 24.8mm
Beam Divergence, full (mrad): <3.0
Beam Dimensions @ Aperture: ~5x8mm
Power Supply (90-264VAC): PSU-H-FDA
Expected Lifetime: 10,000 hours
Warranty Period: 1 year
Lab Spec Model:
  • Analog modulation
  • Adjustable output power via dial
  • LED displaying LD current tem