Understanding Green Laser Pointers for Canada Goose Control

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Goose Control Laser Pointers

We’ve all seen flocks of Canada geese happily grazing fresh grass, flying in a “flying-V” formation, raising little cute chicks, and merrily swimming in ponds & lakes. We’ve also all seen the mess that they leave in their wake. Leaving footpaths, sports fields, and backyards filthy with their droppings. Homeowners, golf courses, airports, and recreation field administration have tried all sorts of methods to prevent Canada geese from soiling their spaces. None of them seem to work:

  • Chemicals are bad for the environment and children playing on the grass and wash away with rain
  • “Scarecrows” or coyote blow-up dolls are spotted as unresponsive by Canada geese and make no impact after the first day
  • Firing BB guns at these creatures can be harmful and illegal, they are a protected migratory bird
  • Chasing them with your dog is unsustainable, even your dog will get sick of the game
  • Floating flashing lights on the pond or dock only work at night and are completely ineffective during the day
  • More failed experiments than you can count

But one thing that has gotten incredibly popular in recent years is a high power green laser pointer. This is because of how effective they are at keeping geese away and off of your property

Why do Green Lasers work for Goose Control?

Find the Best Goose Control Green Laser and keep them off your property.

Best Goose Control Green Laser

You may be thinking, “a green laser? like a cat toy?”. No, not at all like a cat toy. Green lasers are condensed beam of 532nm green light. That means it is incredibly visible at the right power of 500mW+ to both Canadian geese and human beings. Green laser light is the brightest color in the visible light spectrum, this means that it can be seen during the daylight hours and geese do not like it one bit. Canada geese see color similarly to us so green laser light is more visible than other laser colors.

Because the Geese can see the light it works. Here is the key reason:

  • Green laser light is bright and visible in the daytime (500mW+)
  • Laser light is dynamic. It moves, allows users to “chase” geese to get them moving away from their yard, fairway, or runway
  • Laser light can breach the “alpha male perimeter” of any flock of geese. This means it enters and can encompass or touch their mates and babies. They alert the flock to flee and will move away or fly off completely
  • Geese do not like uncertainty and they have no way to understand the bright green laser light, this means they are scared by it and will do everything to avoid it
  • Green laser light can work from long distances, so you do not have to be physically close to the geese to scare them off
  • Lasers are non-lethal and do not harm these peaceful creatures in any way so no laws are broken
  • Green lasers cost much less than other options or hiring a “goose control team”

This is a short list of why a powerful green laser beam will work for goose control, only in practice can you see it to believe it. Don’t chase them anymore on foot, just stand at your backdoor or deck and prevent them from even coming to the shore. Did you spot them on shore? Get out there with your laser and they’ll be scurrying off in no time.

Canada Geese Learn to Avoid your Property

These creatures can be rather stubborn but they also learn rather quickly. It won’t take long for alpha males to prevent their flock from coming to your property line if they are consistently scared off with green laser light. The laser creates a sense of uncertainty and this is something that all wildlife creatures (including human beings) do not like. Geese, as a flock or pack animal, do all they can to keep the entire flock safe. This means heading towards areas of uncertainty is a no-no, even if there is fresher grass or food in the area. Green laser light allows you to prevent the endless goose-dropping cleanup that golf courses have gotten so accustomed to. Just be sure you’re going with 500mW or more for daytime use. 

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