Laser Pointers: Astronomy, Camping, and Hiking Benefits

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Astronomy Lasers

The weather is getting great, people are getting vaccinated, and that means we may be able to have a more “normal” summer this year. So, with all that pent-up demand, have you started to think about where you’d like to take the family this summer season? Or perhaps you and some friends have been holding off on your yearly camping trip and now it’s fair game to plan away? Making these plans is exciting and good for us all as we’ve spent a long time apart from family and friends.

How does a laser pointer come into play here? Let’s take a look. 

You’re New Outdoor Essential: Lasers

Astronomy Laser Pointer

Astronomy Laser Pointer

Laser pointers offer more than just great visuals. Let’s take a look at some of the most functional uses you can incorporate this summer season.

Astronomy Laser Pointers

When you hike or camp and get away from the light pollution of our cities and suburbs, you can start to see all the beauty that the Milky Way Galaxy and our universe have to offer. With very clear constellations, celestial bodies, and more; the night sky takes on a whole new life. One of the most suitable applications for a handheld laser pointer in the real world is astronomy and stargazing. 

There are some clear reasons why a laser is better than any other tool (excluding a telescope) for viewing the night sky. First, with a solid beam of laser light, you can point out any individual star, planet, comet, or anything else up in the sky. 

*NEVER AIM AT AIRCRAFT – be careful of aircraft as this is illegal and incredibly dangerous, *

Secondly, lasers are something you can pull out of your pack and impress everyone who is around. Most folks aren’t used to seeing a solid beam of bright green, blue, red, or purple laser light. When you’re city slicker friends arrive and are in amazement of the night sky’s clarity, they’ll be in for a further treat when you can point out every celestial body of the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, and other constellations most of us only remember from elementary school. Lasers offer stunning visuals and are used regularly by university science and research departments across the globe. 

Hiking & Camping Laser Pointer Safety Benefits

While the benefits of using a laser for star gazing and astronomy are very clear, they may be less so in terms of hiking and camping too. But this may be even more important than seeing the Big Dipper more clearly. In the real world, laser pointers are used as a powerful detection, signaling, and search and rescue tool. Think about it, if your 200mW green laser is visible for over 10 miles at night, and you get lost while camping or hiking, you have a powerful signaling device that could very well save your life. 

Incredible Long Range Visibility

When helicopters go out on a search and rescue mission, they are at the mercy of the wilderness, the elements, and praying that somehow the person or people they are looking for will be able to signal them and be seen. One way is to use a smoke signal, a much easier and safer way is to use a high power visible green laser beam. Not only does this have the potential to be seen for many miles but also the potential to make the search and rescue mission a success. 

More and more fire rescue teams and park ranger teams are employing green laser pointers for this exact purpose. Lasers have proven themselves in the real world as an indispensable life-saving tool for scenarios like this. 

Where to Buy a Astronomy Laser Pointer

Unfortunately, not all laser pointers or laser pointer manufacturers are created equal. You should be looking for a few things: 

  • What is the warranty period? None? Do not buy, plain and simple. 
  • Real customer support? Can you get an answer to questions if you have them? Do they have a phone number you can reach a real person here in the USA? If not, consider going elsewhere.
  • What is the return policy? Do they have one?

You want to make sure you’re working with a legitimate company that stands by its products and is trustworthy here in the USA.

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