How to Choose the Best Handheld Laser Pointer

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Buying Laser Pointers Online

If you have been looking to buy a laser pointer online, you will have undoubtedly seen a vast array of laser colors, output powers, design features, visibility differences, and accessory changes from unit to unit. This can make it feel a bit daunting to find the right handheld laser for your application. Here we’re going to look at some of the basics of lasers and how you should be considering different units based on your individual needs.

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Different Laser Beam Colors (Frequencies)

Best Handheld Laser Pointer

Best Handheld Laser Pointer

Lasers produce condense beams of light in various frequencies. These can range from the low end of the light spectrum (ultra-violet), to visible colors we perceive like green, and end in the high end of the spectrum (infrared). UV and IR are invisible to the human eye, so lasers in these wavelengths won’t suit most everyday users.

Visible light laser pointers tend to range from 405nm (purple) upwards to 650nm (red). Most of the handheld lasers you may be familiar with will fall within this visible light range. The brightest color to the human eye is 532nm green light. For this reason, at the same output power green laser light will be 5x-7x brighter than any other laser color. So, a 200mW green 532nm laser pointer will be 7x brighter than a 200mW 405nm purple laser and about 5x brighter than a red or blue laser.

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Burning Laser Pointer Strength Requirements

If you’ve been in the market for a laser you may be familiar with the fact that lasers of a certain strength or more will have some burning ability. Burning lasers will be able to light matches, pop balloons, cut through electrical tape, etch into certain types of wood, light a fuse and more. But it is the strength of the laser and not the beam color which determines the burning ability of any individual laser.

In fact, the beam color (or invisibility) has no impact on a lasers ability to burn. It is solely the strength of the laser that determines if it is considered a burning laser or not. As a general rule, 200mW is a minimum starting point to pop a black balloon and the higher the mW power the greater than burning ability (when over 200mW).

Blue lasers, being 1000mW+, will be the best suited for burning. The higher the mW power (over 200mW) the greater the burning ability. If you’re looking for a burning handheld laser be sure you’re looking at the higher end of the output spectrum.

What is Your Application for the Laser?

This will be the most important question in determining the variety of laser pointer you should go with. What exactly do you need the laser for? Is it for a specific application or more general laser usage?

  • Are you an arborist, landscaping, or construction company? Lasers are ideal for pointing out branches or areas of a structure.
  • Work for a fire rescue team? Lasers have proven great life saving tools EMS & fire rescue (especially during wildfires)
  • Astronomy your main focus? Laser pointers are the essential tool for all astronomy lessons, star gazing, and pointing out constellations.
  • Conducting science experiments? Classroom settings or at home, a laser pointer can really illustrate certain scientific points, making them an ideal learning tool.
  • Sick of geese making a mess of your lawn? Green lasers 200mW or more have proven remarkably effective in deterring geese from soiling your property.
  • Just want some scientific fun? Lasers are a unique item which you can’t find everywhere and offer a measure of futuristic excitement to any hobby or recreation when using a bright beam of laser light.

Only your imagination can limit how you will use your handheld laser. Remember to consider what you’ll be using the laser for and then you can determine the best color and output power. Certain lasers will have different features so if you need the ability to focus the beam or lock the laser with a key switch, you have some options.

Getting Help Choosing a Laser Pointer

Buying a laser pointer online doesn’t have to mean taking a shot in the dark. With the basic information above you can more than likely choose the best laser for any application you have in mind. But, if you need some more guidance on selecting a handheld laser, you can get help from the more reputable laser pointer companies online today.

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