Practical High Power Laser Pointer Applications

by | Apr 14, 2020 | High Power Laser Pointers

Laser pointers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, output powers, beam colors, accessory options, and more. But what exactly are people using high power laser pointers for these days? We’ve all seen videos of popping balloons, lighting matches, or target finding over vast distances, but what are the most common ways you can use your powerful laser outside of these? Let’s take a look at the most common and useful laser pointer applications today.

Goose Control (Pest Control)

High Power Laser Pointers

High Power Laser Pointers

You may be asking yourself, “really goose control with a laser?”. The answer is a resounding YES. Lasers have proven vital to home owners, airports, stadiums, and other locations to reduce the mess left by flocks of geese. There are a few reasons it is so effective. First of all it is the humane non-lethal way to get geese off your lawn. Using a BB gun to shoot geese is not only cruel but falls under the animal cruelty statutes of many states. Lasers allow you to get them out of your property without the need to harm them. This is not just for home owners either. Airports have started to employ high power lasers for the exact same reason, to keep runways and airspace clear of avian dangers. When targeting a flock there will be those individuals who are not feeding and who are on guard duty. When you shine a strong laser beam onto them they alert the entire group to flee and find safety. It works and you should employ it if you are sick of cleaning up goose droppings week after week.

Camping & Survival Tools

We’ve all heard stories of someone camping or hiking who gets lost in the woods. Often these stories turn out to be tragedies as the search parties have to cover huge distances through thick woods or mountain ranges without spotting the lost individual. More and more campers and hikers are starting to employ powerful hand held lasers are life saving survival tools. If you are lost in the woods at night and have a strong laser you can signal a search party miles and miles away. They can then narrow down the search by seeing where the beam is coming from and start to head towards you. If there are search vehicles in the distance you can now alert them to your presence. This is a great real world life saving application for laser pointers so be sure to use one the next time you go out for a long hike or week long camping trip.

Science Experimentation

Whether for a high school science project or just fun at home, lasers are great for all manner of scientific experiments. Let’s say you are trying to show how condensed light is incredibly powerful, and even strong enough to light a match or pop a balloons? Enter a high power laser pointer. Going with 200mW or higher in beam strength you can do this sort of thing and conduct your own at home research. Also, the different visible colors fall within the visible light spectrum, which produces the wavelength and color of all light that we see. This can be illustrated by using a few different beam colors. For example green lasers at 532nm, blue at 450nm, purple at 405nm and red at 650nm (not to mention all visible colors and even infrared and ultraviolet).

Astronomy & Star Gazing

Nothing makes a telescope session better than a laser beam to direct your focus, gaze, and aim towards an individual body in the night sky. If you are interested in star gazing or astronomy, using a hand held laser makes the experience that much better. Not only for you to pinpoint constellations or other parts of the sky but to show your audience clearly what you are looking at. If you are pointing with your hand it can be difficult for others to see exactly what you mean (after all there are a seemingly infinite number of stars in the night sky). By using a laser you make it straight forward as you shine directly to the body you are discussing.

Choosing A Model

The type of laser you should be going with will depend on what you need it for. As a rule, any strong laser will be able to do all of the applications mentioned above. Start at 200mW and go up from there to guarantee you have the right strength and visibility to get the job done right. For the best in High Power Laser Pointers, look no further than right here at – Your #1 Trusted Laser Source Since 2005.

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