Finding The Right Laser Pointer For Your Application

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Buying Laser Pointers Online

There are so many different varieties of laser pointers available today that it can seem a bit daunting when it comes to finding the right one for your specific application. Let’s try to shed some light on the different styles of lasers, different beam colors and different beam strengths so that when you are ready to buy a laser pointer, you know exactly what you should be looking for.

1. Color vs. Power

Buy Laser Pointers Online

Buy Laser Pointers Online

As a general rule, green laser light at 532nm is 5-7x brighter than any other visible laser color, but that is at the same mW output power. To clarify, a 100mW green laser will be about 7x brighter than a 100mW blue or purple laser. This is because green is the brightest color to the human eye and is the brightest color in general, being one of the reason plant life and chlorophyll produce the green color. Green will be incredibly visible during the night time, low light, fog or dusk (but so will also laser colors). The biggest difference is that it is very cost effective, offering more visibility for less cost and also is better suited for daytime use.

2. Constant On/Off Switch or Traditional Button

Most 5mW pen style laser pointers will have the button right on the body and when you want to use the laser you must hold the button down. This is typically best for things like presentations where you will be intermittently using the laser. For applications like burning or popping balloons you will want a unit that will be able to stay on without you holding the button constantly. This is better for most applications so look for a unit with a “constant on/off switch”.

3. Focusing Ability

Some lasers offer the ability to focus the beam wider and thinner as needed while others are fixed focus. Typically having the ability to adjust the beam is something that most users would find handy. This means if you are aiming at something over larger or smaller distances you have more beam control. where as with a fixed focus unit you will not have that luxury. Typically, every application a laser pointer will be used for will benefit from a focusing adjustment ability.

4. Keyswitch Safety Mechanism

Some users may have small children around or be in a classroom setting where you want to control when and when not the laser will and can be used. In this case you should look for a hand held laser that has a safety keyswitch. It offers an added layer or security and protection to be sure that only you can turn on the laser as you have the key and no one else does. This can also be suitable for university of company settings. So if you feel you want to control when and where the laser is used, go for a keyswitch unit.

5. Duty Cycle – Usage Time Lengths

Some lasers have a limited duty cycle while others have a longer or even continuous duty cycle. The “duty cycle” is the length of time in which a laser can be used on any single turn on. So, if the duty cycle is “60 seconds on and 30 seconds off”, the laser should be kept on for a maximum of 60 seconds and then allowed to cool for 30 seconds before the next use. This will protect the integrity of the diode and prevent it from overheating or burning out to failure. Continuous Wave (CW) lasers on the other hand can be kept on for minutes or more at a time without risk of burning out and damaging the laser itself.

Lasers can be used for so many different applications today that its no wonder we’re seeing them used for everything from Astronomy star gazing to home goose control and even targeting on a shooting range. The military uses them for training and live fire exercises, airports to keep flocks of birds away from the runways, and search and rescue squads for signaling over long distances. Find the right laser for your application in no time. For the best source to Buy Laser Pointers Online, look no further than your #1 Trusted Laser Source Since 2005, right here at 877-256-6513