Getting The Most Out Of Your High Power Laser Pointers

by | May 31, 2019 | High Power Laser Pointers

With laser technology improving rapidly over the past decade and more powerful outputs and variations available, getting the most out of your high power laser means a few particular things. When we’re talking about high power, we really mean anything 200mW or higher and up to as high as 5,000mW or 5W. That is quite a staggering range so there will be different ways to take advantage of each different strength and here we’ll look at the most important.

Keep Batteries Fully Charged When Possible

High Power Laser Pointers

High Power Laser Pointers

One of the biggest factors to a consistently strong beam is the battery life and charge. You can’t expect a 1,000mW green laser to shine for 18+ miles and burn things like black balloons from across the room when it’s power source, the batteries, are on a lower or nearly empty charge. Keeping the batteries you’ll be using charged prior to use is the ideal solution. Also, having an extra fully charged set of batteries on hand is also an option so that when the current batteries you’re using start to get drained you can switch to the fresh one’s and keep the beams strong and bright.

Utilizing Focusing Ability

Now, not every single laser out there has the ability to focus or widen a beam, however, nowadays many of them do. Why is a beam adjustment so valuable? Because you have far more beam control and can change the width and intensity for different purposes as needed. For example, if you plan to use the unit as a burning laser, you’ll want to keep the beam as focused and thin as possible. This will increase the intensity of the heat and light and make it more effective for things like lighting matches, popping balloons, and so on.

Always Use Laser Safety Goggles For Burning

As lasers get more and more powerful they also pose a greater risk to the user and any spectators in terms of either direct or latent eye exposure. So, to nullify this possibility it’s very important to use proper safety eyewear when it comes to burning experiments and using a high power laser indoors. “But what about outdoors aiming away from myself?” This is a common question and even though it’s still always a good idea to use laser goggles anytime you’re operating a laser, they will be less important when outdoors and aiming away from yourself with no spectators. Reflective surfaces are to be kept in check and always wear your goggles when doing things like popping balloons and lighting matches.

Making the most of today’s laser pointer technology and all it’s advancements doesn’t mean putting yourself at greater risk for exposure following just a few simple precautionary steps. Use common sense practices: NEVER aim at aircraft, motor vehicles, or individuals, and always use your safety goggles whenever using your high power laser indoors or for burning experiments. For the latest in all things related to High Power Laser Pointers, look no further than nearly 20 years of laser expertise right here at 877-256-6513