Making The Most Of A New Laser Pointer

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Buying Laser Pointers Online

Choosing a laser pointer comes with quite a bit to think about. When it comes to power output, visible color (or for that matter invisible), safety features and any specific applications, it’s important to to think about each of these. When you’re ready to buy a new laser and you get it in hand, there are a few tricks you can do to make the most of it.

1. Goggles and Burning Lasers

Buying Laser Pointers Online

Buying Laser Pointers Online

Most units capable of lighting a match or pop a balloon, however, if they don’t you should seriously consider getting a pair. Lasers are incredibly dense beams of solid state light and can reflect off of surfaces and create exposure from any angle. Goggles allow you to really work with the beam for visual effects but also as a tool. Let’s say you’re curring some hard to reach electrical tape, you need to be sure you’re hitting the target in a steady line and being able to look at where you’re aiming is crucial . Goggles allow for you to do this over extended periods of time because of the way in which the lenses block specific laser beam frequencies. So be sure your burning laser has a set included.

2. Focusing Ability

This feature is offered on some units and provides a level of beam control that others simply won’t be able to. Whether utilizing this to increase burning ability (focus the beam the entire way for increased intensity), or pinpointing a target a longer distances, you have a great measure of control.

3. Warranty Periods

This is something that you’ll want to keep an eye on when shopping online for a laser pointer. Many of the poorly made lasers will have a short warranty or none whatsoever. You want to avoid going with this sort of unit as there is always a reason a seller or manufacture will not place a warranty on their own products. It’s because the diode quality is poor and they will tend to be underpowered and bruing out quickly. The highest quality units should expect about a 5,000 hour average lifetime, just like here at

4. Duty Cycle

This is a crucial component to getting the most out of your new laser. The duty cycle describes the amount of time an individual laser can be kept on at any one go. For example, if the duty cycle is listed as 90 seconds, you do not want to exceed keeping the laser on for longer. Its safe to go some seconds on and some seconds to cool to maintain the integrity of the diode. If the unit you’re looking at lists CW (continuous wave) it means the laser is designed in a way to maintain output for longer, so a few minutes will be fine. However, we do suggest limiting it and letting the unit air cool properly as burning lasers produce a good amount of heat.

Keeping these simple things in mind is a great start in getting the most out of your new laser pointer. Be sure to do some research and choose a unit that suits your needs. Power and color are the big one’s, but safety features, warranty period, and duty cycle are also important to keep in mind. For the best in Buying Laser Pointers Online, look no further than, offering world class laser technology since 2005.