How Has Laser Pointer Technology Changed Over The Years?

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Best Laser Pointers

For many of us, the first sort of lasers we saw in person were cheap key-chain laser pointers that were available only in red and that had little attachments to make designs. Over the years, technology has changed so dramatically that the variety of lasers we see today is astounding. Let’s look more carefully at the specific changes we can expect to see in today’s tech as opposed to 2 decades ago.

1. Colors (NM – Nanometer)

Best Laser Pointers To Buy Online

Best Laser Pointers To Buy Online

The most obvious change from older lasers to the newer versions today is the visible colors that we see. No longer is red the only color available for handheld solid-state diode technology. Nowadays, nearly all visible colors in the light spectrum are available in box laser units and many of them are available in a portable form as well. The most common being green at 532nm, blue at 445nm – 450nm, purple or violet at 405nm, yellow at 593.5nm, and then of course red at 650nm. This means that if you’re looking to buy a laser pointer this Christmas, you can look beyond the scope of red and focus on brighter colors like green and blue.

2. Output Power (mW)

While old key chain lasers were less than 5mW with many averaging 1mW, today, handheld lasers can produce upwards of 5,000mW (5 Watts) in output power. This means lasers that are visible for 20+ miles on a clear line of sight at night and that can light matches and pop balloons at distance. This has created an entirely new sphere for use as laser pointers as tools. From everything like search and rescue operations, construction crews, airports for pest control, homeowners to scare off geese non-lethally, police & military forces for training and operations, and more. Not to mention traditional star gazing and astronomy to go along with all the laser enthusiasts conducting experiments at home and school. Keep your mind open when it comes to applications for lasers today.

3. Cost Reductions

We’ve all seen inexpensive keychain lasers which were poorly made and which failed regularly. But when high power and high-quality lasers first came around and were available in the mid-2000s, they were incredibly expensive. For example, lasers that can now be purchased for $100-$500 easily cost $800-$2500, for the same sort of quality and beam strength. This meant that originally high-power lasers were not really available to purchase for most people. As the technology became more accessible and the quality increased, costs steadily decreased, where now we see the prices stabilized for the best in high power laser tech.

Witnessing the changes to laser pointer technology over the years has been fascinating. From the original development of visible lasers following years of theoretical work to the widespread availability of the best technology we see today, to use in everyday items like computers and communication technology, we are living at the forefront of laser tech. Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re thinking of that tech-savvy friend or loved one this holiday season. For the Best Laser Pointers To Buy Online, look no further than nearly 15 years of expertise in all things lasers. Have questions? Give us a call: 877-256-6513