What Defines A High Power Laser Pointer?

by | Aug 9, 2013 | High Power Laser Pointers

Browsing for lasers to buy online can be a bit confusing, with so many brands, colors, styles, and output powers to wade through knowing which model suits you best isn’t always so straight forward. So, if you’re looking for a “high power laser pointer”, how do you know what laser to go for?

1. Determining Output Power

High Power Laser Pointers

High Power Laser Pointers

Laser pointer powers are measured in mW (milliwatts) and typically range from 5mW up to 1,500mW (depending on the unit). Many green lasers under 100mW can be very bright, but would not necessarily be defined as a high power laser and if you’re looking for a burning laser, you’ll want 100mW or more (in any color) and the higher the power the better.

2. Distances & Range

The higher the mW power the greater distance any laser will have and the more visible it will be. Depending on the power and the color that can be a range from as low as a mile to upwards and over 10 miles for higher power units. So what sort of range can you expect from a 100mW green laser? 10 miles or more. A 1,000mW blue laser? Over 15 miles of range from distance to target.

3. Choosing The Right Laser

With so many powers, colors, and styles to choose from you’ll really want to do a bit of research into any particular model or company. What are you planning on using the laser for? Your desired applications should have an effect on what power or color you go with, so be sure to consider all of the factors before you buy.

If you have questions about a particular laser pointer, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get some help if you need it. This way you can be completely confident in the laser that you choose and enjoy it for years to come. For the best selection of High Power Laser Pointers, browse from the #1 Trusted Laser Source Since 2005, right here at BigLasers.com 1-877-256-6513