How Much Power For A Burning Laser Pointer?

by | Jun 3, 2013 | burning lasers

If you’re looking to buy a laser you may be familiar with the wide range of design features, beam colors, and output powers you’ll be able to choose from. But a common question that is not always so straightforward is, “how much output power is for a burning laser pointer?”

1. Power

Buy Burning Laser Pointers

Buy Burning Laser Pointers

As a rule, it’s important to note that any laser less than 175mW will not provide enough heat to burn but any laser 300mW or over will produce enough heat to be considered a burning laser. If you’re looking for a laser that can light a match and more, make sure it’s at least 300mW of any color.

2. Color

So what effect on burning power does beam color have if any? Because the burning ability of a laser is determined by its power and the amount of heat it can produce, the color will not make any difference (though it’s important to note that 532nm Green lasers are 7x – 10x brighter than any other laser color at the same power). In fact, infrared lasers which you cannot see with the naked eye can burn just the same as a bright green laser at the proper output of 200mW or more.

3. Focus Adjusting Beam

When you’ve made your choice on output power and beam color, you’ll next need to consider different features, and if you’re looking for burning ability you should look for a model with the ability to adjust and focus the beam. Now, this is not required for a burning laser as anything over 200mW will do, but this will help lasers on the edge be more usable as a burning laser and also increase the ability to burn as you can adjust the beam to condense and increase heat.

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