What Is The Best Laser Pointer Color?

by | Feb 20, 2013 | Buy Lasers

There is a wide variety of laser pointer colors available online today, which brings up the question: “what is the best laser color?”. Now, the answer to this is not so straight forward and will depend primarily on what you will need a laser for as well as what output power you’re looking for.

Best Laser Pointer Colors

Best Laser Pointer Colors

1. What color is the brightest?

Green at 532nm is always the brightest color of laser light at the same output power. That means that a 100mW of green will be 7x brighter than a 100mW of any other color, so keep that in mind for brightness.

2. What is the best for burning?

Here the color of the laser beam matter little as it is the output power that determines burning ability. The higher the mW (milliwatts) the better the ability to burn and pop balloons, no less than 100mW will be needed and the higher the power the better.

3. What laser pointer should I buy?

That will depend on your budget, what you will need the laser for, and preference in as far as colors and output power. Always be sure to look for technical specifications and warranty periods before you buy, as well as FDA accession numbers and safety features included. Some lasers are sold as is others include accessories, so be sure to do your research.

No matter which laser you end up buying online in the end, you want to ensure that you do a bit of research into any company or model you’re considering. Where is the company located? Can you get help if you need it? What is their best model? All things to ask before you buy a laser pointer.