Finding The Right Laser Pointer

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Buy Lasers

If you’re in the hunt to buy a laser pointer, you’re undoubtedly faced with a number of different questions to consider before choosing any particular model. Options like output power, laser color, design aspects, and safety features, can make knowing which laser pointer suits you best somewhat difficult.

Here we look at the most important factors to consider.

Best Laser Pointers

Best Laser Pointers

1. Laser Color

Because laser pointers are available in several different colors, it is important to understand the difference between them. As a standard, green at 532nm will always be the brightest color to the human eye at the same output power. Meaning that 200mW green will be 7 times brighter than 200mW of any other color.

2. Output Power

Just as color can determine brightness, the next most important factor is the actual output of the laser itself. The higher the output power (mW) the brighter the laser will be. If you’re looking for a burning laser you’ll need minimum 200mW and the higher power the better.

3. Warranties

Because laser pointers are pieces of technology it is important to ensure that any model you’re considering has a warranty period of at least 12 months. After all, any company that cannot offer a substantial warranty most likely does not have that great faith in the quality of their goods.

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