3 Safety Tips On Burning Laser Pointers

by | Feb 4, 2013 | burning lasers

The brilliance behind the technology of laser pointers has taken forward leaps and bounds in recent years. With more and more powerful lasers being developed every day it is important to remind ourselves of some basic procedural safety measures that should always be kept in mind whenever using a laser pointer of high or low power.

1. Know Your Laser

Burning Laser Pointers

Burning Laser Pointers

Even before we consider the basics of using a high power laser the first thing you must do is ensure you understand all aspects of your device. What is the output power exactly? What is the beam color and frequency? Does the laser have safety features like a delay or aperture shutter? What type of batteries are being used? Know your tool, it’s the most important of starting points.

2. Safety Goggles

Because burning lasers need 200mW or more to really produce enough heat to light a match or pop a balloon, they are also extremely bright. For this reason you should always utilize safety goggles that protect your eyes from the specific light frequency or color of the laser you’re using. When using lasers indoors or around reflective surfaces goggles should considered seriously.

3. Be Smart

Going through laser safety features and understanding the precautions of using a laser really don’t mean much if you act foolishly when using your laser. Never aim or shine your laser at air craft, motor vehicles, people, animals, or structures. Lasers can be very bright, useful, and fun pieces of technology when used with common sense.

No matter how you look at it, always use any laser pointer with safety in mind and do research into the specific model you’re considering before you buy. For the best selection of Burning Laser Pointers from the sole USA based laser pointer provider with such a wide selection, look no further than BigLasers.com