Burning Laser Pointers Require 200mW+

by | Jan 22, 2013 | burning lasers

Whenever you’re looking for burning lasers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that the laser pointer you purchase meets the expectations and specifications required for burning capabilities. Many enthusiasts tend to overlook some of the more basic details that can lead to a laser that does not qualify for the specific applications they have in mind.

Burning Laser Pointers

Burning Laser Pointers

How much power do I need to burn?

This is where most users are unfamiliar with the specs and stats needed for a laser pointer to qualify as a burning laser. You’ll need a minimum of 200mW, and the higher the power the better, in order to produce enough heat to light matches, pop balloons, etc. Any laser less than 200mW cannot be expected to burn.

What laser color is the best?

There really is little difference as far as burning is concerned when it comes down to the laser pointers beam color. Green, red, blue, orange, and purple are all suitable assuming that the output is 200mW or higher. But as a rule, green is typically the most suitable due to the way in which the 532nm wavelength absorbs light, similarly to why plant life is green.

Whenever you’re looking for burning laser pointers you want to keep these few points in mind, do the research on your own, and look into the quality of any goods you’re considering. Not all lasers or laser companies are created equal and you should always do even just a few minutes of research before you buy.