*Updated Holiday Laser Pointer Catalog*

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Buy Lasers

In time for the holiday season Big Lasers is expanding their laser pointer catalog to meet requests for more laser varieties, output powers, styles, and colors. If you are looking to buy a laser online, you will be impressed with the level of sophistication in  various laser models being offered.

Just some of the new laser lines include:

*Updated 11/15/2012*

Added: LED Flashlights

1. “Raptor” 800 Lumen Zoomable LED Flashlight

2. “Earth” 400LM LED Flashlight – 3 Modes

More coming soon…


*Updated 11/15/2012*

16. “Wave” Violet Laser Pointer – 30mW through 200mW

17. “PX3” 100mW Purple Laser Pointer


*Updated 11/13/2012*

10. “BX5” Blue Laser Keyswitch – 1000mW

11. “Freeze” 1W Blue Laser System – With Key

12. “Mantis” Green Laser Pointer – 100mW & 200mW

13. “Covert” Green Laser Pointer – 100mW & 200mW

14. “Flare” Red Laser Pointer – 50mW through 200mW

15. “VR1” Red Laser Pointer – 50mW through 200mW


*Updated 11/09/2012*

6. “Condor” Green Laser Pointer  – 30mW & 150mW

7. “Spirit” Green Laser Pointer – 50mW

8. “Elite” Green Laser Pointer – 100mW, 200mW, 300mW

9. “GX1” Green Laser Pointer – 350mW & 400mW


Update 11/07/2012

1. “Dual Lock™” Green Laser Pointers 5mW – 150mW

2. “Crystal” Green Laser Pointer 15mW – 125mW

3. “GX5” Green Laser System 100mW –  350mW

4. “Bullet” 50mW Green Laser Pointer

More colors and models coming soon.


This is just a short list of new laser pointers for sale, the catalogue will continue to build out over the next coming weeks. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help in finding the right laser for your application.



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