S3 Arctic Powerful 1,000mW Blue Laser Pointer

by | Feb 14, 2012 | S3 Lasers

The world of laser technology was turned upside down with the development and release of the most powerful hand held laser in the world. What’s more, the S3 arctic pro, is also a blue laser system outputting at 445nm.

1,000mW Blue Laser Pointer

S3 Arctic 1,000mW Blue Laser Pointer

While most common lasers were red or green, blue lasers were rare and extremely expensive, even a 2mW going for more than $1,000. But with advances in design and updated safety and diode technology, the Arctic produces an incredible 1,000mW of output power, being visible for miles.

Each S3 arctic comes complete with:

  • Tactical Nylon Holster
  • Safety Goggles
  • Battery + Charger
  • 1/2 power lens
  • SmartSwitch Safety Tech – 9 Working Modes
  • Instruction/Safety Manual
  • A Full One Year Warranty

Its green counterpart, the S3 Krypton, is also all inclusive and ranges from 300mW to 1000mW at 532nm green.

No matter which route you choose when looking to buy a laser pointer, be sure to conduct your own research into any brand, model, and company you may be considering.

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