Choosing The Best Laser Pointer For Your Application

by | Jan 18, 2012 | Laser Pointers

Whenever you’re looking to buy a laser pointer online there are a load of different options that you can choose from regarding style, color, and output power. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you purchase the best laser pointer for your needs.

Buy A Laser Pointer

Buy A Laser Pointer

1. Laser Color Wavelength

Laser light is determined by the frequency wavelength within the visible light spectrum and are typically available in green, blue, red, purple and orange/yellow. Considering your application, as a standard green laser light will always be 7x to 10x brighter than any other color at the same output. That means that a 100mW green laser pointer will be far brighter than a 100mW of any other color.

2. Output Power

Lasers are also produced in a wide range of different output powers, from as little as 5mW to as high as 1,000mW. You should consider what you will need the laser for when determining which power options best suit your needs. If you require the ability to burn or pop balloons no less than 100mW to 200mW plus will be needed.

3. Warranty Periods

It’s safe to say that any laser provider who has no warranty or a very short warranty on their items has little faith in the quality of their goods. You should be looking at the technical specifications of any model as well as the warranty period that is included with each model. After all, when you buy lasers you are investing in technology and should always be looking to protect that investment.

No matter which route you decide to go when looking to buy a laser pointer online, be sure to do some research into any model, brand, and laser company you are considering. Not all lasers are created equal and neither are all laser providers. For the #1 trusted Laser Pointer source since 2005, visit