S3 Packages Include Full Accessories Until December 31

by | Dec 9, 2011 | S3 Lasers

In true holiday spirit form, both the S3 Arctic Pro and the S3 Krypton laser include a full set of accessories normally sold separately, until December 31st. That means that every S3 package is now that much more special, but only for a limited time.

S3 Laser Package

S3 Laser

Now included with every Arctic and Krypton is:

1. S3 Expanded Lens Kit ($49.95 value)

These specialized lenses add great variety to every S3 laser, with 6 different lens caps that provide a variety of different tantalizing effects. Including: flashlight effect, focusing effect, galaxy effect, floodlight effect, line effect, and cross effect. This enhances your S3 Arctic blue or S3 Krypton green in a number of ways including improved burning ability (focusing lens) and usability.

2. Laser Stand Tripod ($19.95 value)

This unique piece allows you to both stabilize your S3 as well as improve ability to burn as there is no longer motion when utilizing the laser. Great for showcasing or artistic imaging, research, or even pinpointing targets the tripod laser stand speaks for itself and makes a great addition to your S3 mantle piece.

3. S3 Lens Cleaning Pen ($9.95 value)

To increase longevity and beam clarity every S3 package also includes the noteworthy lens cleaning pen which keeps your laser sparkling clean for optimal output. No longer do you need to rely on cloth or towels which can damage or scratch your lens, instead use a tool that was designed for the specific S3 itself.

The S3 Arctic and S3 Krypton lasers are already the world’s most powerful and popular laser systems, respectfully. Now until December 31st, 2011 take advantage of this outstanding deal in true holiday form, a total value of roughly $80, so don’t hesitate before time runs out.