High Power Laser Pointers Improve Hand Held Technology

by | Nov 30, 2011 | High Power Lasers

With advances in crystal diode technology over the past several decades, no longer are high power laser pointers reserved for the military, observatories, or reserach facilities. Where producing a powerful laser beam used to require large devices with high voltage power sources, we now see the same output power possible in convenient hand held laser pointer form.

If you’re looking to buy a powerful laser online there are a few things that you should consider before going with any model or company.

High Power Laser Pointers

High Power Laser Pointers

1. Laser Safety

Whenever considering a high power laser pointer it is critical to keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Because some of the more powerful units produce high amounts of heat and are extremely bright, exercising caution and utilizing wavelength resistant safety goggles is a must.

2. FDA Compliance

Lasers and laser pointers are classed based on the level of output power that they produce, certain high power models require specifid safety features in order to be FDA compliant as well as safe and legal to own and operate. Be sure that any model you’re considering has some sort of safe guards incorporated and complies with the legally required statutes for high power lasers.

3. Costs

High power hand held lasers used to run quite a wide range of price points from $1,000+. Today, that is not the case and a high quality powerful laser can be found from reputable sources for as low as $299.95 for 1,000mW of power.

No matter which route you choose when looking to buy a high power laser pointer, be sure to conduct your own research into any model you may be considering. There are many sources to buy lasers but only a single United States based laser source offering the widest range of high power lasers, BigLasers.com