Burning Lasers Now In Multiple Colors and Styles

by | Nov 22, 2011 | burning lasers

High power lasers and laser pointers have undergone a wide range of changes and updates over the past few decades. Where burning lasers used to be reserved for military and research applications, we now have the option to find comparable laser pointers for sale to anyone with the desire to own one. But what laser color and output power is best for burning?

Burning Lasers

Burning Lasers

Burning requires 100mW or more.

If you’re looking for a high power laser pointer with the ability to burn, then you’ll need to go with a model that is no less than 100mW, and of course, the higher in power the better as far as burning lasers are concerned. Laser beams produce a fair amount of heat when the power is increased and can be used for lighting matches, popping balloons, and more.

Color has little to do with burning ability.

Green 532nm, being the brightest color of light to the human eye, is commonly mistaken for also being the best at burning. That is not actually the case, as color does little to determine the burning ability, it is the power itself that does. For example, 100mW of green will burn just as well as 100mW of any other color, and vice versa.

No matter what burning lasers you browse and consider to buy, be sure to conduct your own research into any costs, safety features, and warranties that are associated with the model in question. Not all lasers are created equal and neither are laser pointer companies, be sure to find out what sort of support you’ll get if you need it and where the business is located as there is only a single United States based laser pointer source offering the widest ranges of lasers, BigLasers.com