100% Legal Laser Pointers You Can Own and Operate

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Buy Lasers

Whenever you’re looking for laser pointer technology online, there are certain standards and safety regulations that must be upheld in order to ensure that the laser you plan on buying is not only safe, but also legal to own and operate. What most users don’t know is that lasers and laser pointers require certain safety mechanisms to be built into the device if the laser is over a certain output power. What’s worse, many laser manufacturers do not incorporate these into their lasers making there products, therefore, not technically legal.

Legal Laser Pointers

Legal Laser Pointers

How can you tell if a laser is legal or not?

One way to find this out is to simply ask the company you’re looking at. What is the response to your inquiry about the legality of their lasers. If there answer is anything less than the lasers are 100% legal and even have been checked by the FDA, then you want to most likely look elsewhere.

What sort of safety features are typically required?

The most common safety functions are key switches, delayed engagement, LED indicator, and safety interlocks. Not all lasers combine these technically required features and should therefore be avoided. Technology like the SmartSwitch or MiniLock are legal, no matter the power or color, and have been FDA approved. However, lasers with these features are only available from a single United States based source.

Where can you buy legal lasers?

Because most laser pointer providers are located overseas and in Asia, they care little for the legality of the goods they sell. After a payment is made and the product is shipped it is out of their hands, even if you receive one to have it confiscated. Only BigLasers.com offers the widest range of FDA approved and 100% legal laser pointers to own and operate, as well as the being located in the United States.

No matter what direction you decide to go when browsing for lasers online, it is important to conduct your own research into the legality and safety of any model you choose. Contact the provider and see what sort of a response you get should you choose to buy laser pointers from them.