Cheap Laser Pointer Technology Hurting Industry Reputation

by | Oct 24, 2011 | Cheap Laser Pointers

The laser pointer industry has experienced a wide range of changes and updates to technology over the past decade. Where poorly designed and cheaply made laser pointers used to be all that was available for sale online, instead, we now see advanced hand held technology readily available to consumers.

Laser Pointer Technology

Laser Pointer Technology

This was, however, not always the case. For the longest time peoples ideas about laser pointer technology was reserved to cheap key chain red lasers that were typically sold as toys with different end caps to shine various designs. These were poorly designed, did not incorporate safety features, and would tend to burn out after even just minimal use. For this reason, the idea that laser pointers can actually be used in our every day world, or used for military and research, seemed all but impossible.

As it is now, we see high quality laser pointers in a wide range of output powers and beam colors available for sale online. From standard 5mW pointers used for astronomy, to class IV 1,000mW hand held lasers used for outdoor and military use, the industry and the technology has come a long way..

If you’re looking for cheap laser pointers to buy online, you should be sure to take note of the brand and provider. Is support available? What sort of warranties are available? What is the expected lifetime of the laser you’re looking at? All important things to consider before you make a purchase.