Laser Pointers Ideal For Astronomy + Military Use

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Laser Pointers

Laser pointer technology has advanced dramatically over the past decade, where cheap keychain lasers used to be the staple, we now see advanced high power laser pointers available for sale online ideal for a wide range of applications. The most common of these is use for astronomy star gazing purposes as well as military training and action.

Astronomy Lasers

Astronomy Lasers

Portability and Visibility

Laser pointers are conveniently sized in pen models and hand held models making them ideal for the mobility required in astronomy and military usage. As astronomers, hobbyists, teachers and students travel to different locations to gaze at the night sky we see more and more looking to buy astronomy lasers in various colors and output powers to mount to telescopes and pin point specific constellations.

The military has also begun to use lasers in the field of combat, but more commonly, in training of new recruits and military personnel. High power green lasers are extremely visible over vast distances making them ideal for search and rescue training and practice where needed. When you can pinpoint a target miles away or get the attention of active viewers over miles, the military laser pointer applications possible are quite clear (even some being mounted to rifles and used as sniper spotters).

If you are looking to buy a laser pointer for any of these uses you’ll want to consider the output power required and the color that best suits your needs. Green will always be the brightest at the same output power and for visibility of over 10 miles you’ll want to look at 100mW plus of output power.

Be sure to thoroughly look into any laser pointer model you are considering and determine the legal status of the devices, costs, warranty periods, and capabilities. Not all lasers are created equal and you want to ensure that any purchase is an investment in laser technology that will last the test of time.