S3 Laser Series Incorporate SmartSwitch™ Technology

by | Oct 12, 2011 | S3 Lasers

The ever popular S3 Arctic and S3 Krypton hand held lasers have pushed the envelope for laser technology in 2 striking ways. Not only do the lasers produce the world’s most powerful outputs, the Arctic at 1,000mW blue and the Krypton at 1,000mW green, but also incorporate advanced SmartSwitch™ proprietary engagement system technology. Being the first high power lasers to be designed with this safety and usage mechanism has made the S3 series the world’s safest and most capable lasers.

SmartSwitch™ Technology

SmartSwitch™ Technology

What is a SmartSwitch™?

The system is very straight forward and in a nutshell, provides a level of user control never before incorporated into such widely available hand held laser technology. The SmartSwitch™ acts as a safety mechanism that requires users to input a specific activation sequence in order to engage the laser. This means that unauthorized users cannot simply pick up and turn on the devices (accidentally or otherwise) offering a measure of safety not previously available on any high power models.

What usage functions does the SmartSwitch™ offer?

What makes this technology so impressive is the level of control it provides to every user. As opposed to standard lasers where there is simply on and off, the SmartSwitch™ allows users to engage various working modes. The included functions include: full power/half power mode, full power/half power strobe, SOS hi/low power, Beacon hi/low, and tactical hibernation modes.

The variations possible make the S3 laser series the most formidable and practical lasers ever. SmartSwitch™ technology allows a vast array of usage making the S3 Arctic and S3 Krypton ideal for the widest range of applications ever in a hand held laser.

It’s important to note that the S3 laser pointers are only available from a single United States based provider. Be sure to conduct your own research into any laser model you may be considering as well as into any laser company. What warranties are available? Will you get support if you need it? A few things to consider before you buy.