Why You Should Never Modify Cheap Lasers

by | Sep 27, 2011 | Cheap Laser Pointers

If you’re looking for a high power laser pointer for cheap, you don’t have to look very far with such a wide variety of laser providers available online, and you should never be looking to modify a laser you already have.

Cheap Lasers

Cheap Lasers

1. It can be dangerous.

First of all, those untrained in the engineering and design of laser pointers will be unfamiliar with the inner workings, namely the diode and power source. Accidentally engaging the laser or damaging one of the infrared filtration safety lenses (within better models) can lead a laser to produce a beam of light that is actually dangerous to the human eye. If you’re looking for a high power laser, you should be looking buy one that requires no tweaking or modifying.

2. You can damage or ruin cheap lasers.

Laser pointers are very precise instruments and require a certain level of skill and education to develop, produce, and fix. The slightest of scratches or mistakes when working within a laser will most likely make the pointer dysfunctional. Only trained professionals in controlled environments should be working on developing or modifying any laser, if you don’t want to ruin the pointer, don’t open it up.

3. It voids any warranties.

The moment you attempt to modify any piece of a laser pointer, all warranties are immediately null and void. Because reputable laser pointer providers offer 3 months to a year warranty standard on their items, it’s a good idea to keep that active as long as possible. Cheap laser pointers with no warranty probably aren’t of the highest standard to begin with.

There really is no need to modify a laser pointer in today’s day and age. With even just a little bit of research you can find a high quality powerful laser that you can buy directly online. Be sure to do your research into any company and model you’re considering to ensure than when you buy cheap lasers, all of the expectations you have set are met.