Buying Laser Pointer Colors Explained – Which Is Brightest?

by | Sep 25, 2011 | Buy Lasers

There are so many different laser pointer colors and output powers out there, that when you’re looking to buy a laser pointer it can become quite confusing. Here we take a look at a few pieces of information that will explain the differences between each laser device.

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Buy Lasers

1. What laser color is brightest, green, blue, red, purple, violet or infrared?

At the same output power, let’s say 100mW, green lasers will be 5x – 10x brighter than any other laser color. The colors are measured as nanometers (nM) within the visible light spectrum and are each variably bright at the same output power. Infrared is actually not visible to the human eye without special cameras or imaging equipment and is typically used for military and research use.

2. How much output power do I need to buy a burning laser pointer?

Because lasers have the potential of producing high temperatures, some of them can be used as a lighting tool for a variety of applications. You want to use at the very least 100mW of output power, and the higher the power the more the burning potential (be sure to use safety goggles as lasers can get very bright).

3. How long do laser pointer typically last?

Any high quality laser should carry an expected lifetime of 5,000 hours or more. You can usually see this information regarding any laser model directly on the providers pages if they’re a reputable company, also carry a warranty with any laser pointer as well.

When you’re looking to buy lasers online it’s important to do some research into any laser model to really ensure that it meets your specific needs. Many are located outside of the United States and can’t really provide support should you need it, this makes it smart to contact any laser provider and see the support level that is available to you via phone, live chat, or email.