Buy Green Laser Pointers That Can Burn

by | Sep 20, 2011 | burning lasers

There is a multitude of different green laser pointer varieties available to buy online today, but not all of them are capable of lighting matches, popping balloons, or cutting electrical tape. Until now, such high powered lasers were reserved for research or the military, and were large in design and required large amounts of energy to engage. If you’re looking to buy a green laser there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Buy Green Laser Pointers

Buy Green Laser Pointers

1. How much output power for my green laser to burn?

You’ll need at least 100mW+ and the higher the power the better in order to generate enough heat. Lasers are measured in miliwatts (mW), depending on the power of the laser, and are available in hand held from from 5mW to 1000mW.

2. What is the visible distance of my green laser pointer?

Again, this will depend completely on how much output power the laser in question is. 100mW is potentially visible at more than 10 miles when in the 532nm green beam frequency. The true distance will also depend on a number of factors including weather, altitude, and direction.

3. Where can I buy green laser pointers online?

You can find green lasers in a variety of forms from a variety of different online sources, but remember that all laser pointers are not created equally and you should do your own research into any brand or company you’re considering. Only a single USA based laser provider offers the widest range of lasers online,