Low Price Guarantee

The Lowest Prices Are Guaranteed At Big Lasers!

When you’re looking to buy lasers online, you’ve got better things to do than to worry about whether you could have saved a few dollars here or there. For that reason… guarantees the lowest possible prices with full price protection!*

As a top rated laser pointer site on the internet, we negotiate the lowest possible pricing with each and every manufacturer and vendor whose lasers we offer.

We absolutely will NOT be undersold.

Find any item we offer (within a week of your purchase from Big Lasers) for a lower price, you will become eligible for our “100% Price Safety” protection program.

How does it work?

The item must be identical in every way (brand, output power, color, etc.) The price that you are wishing us to match must be able to be verified on the web. The competing companies advertisement must be up to date, current, and the product itself must actually be in stock.

Big Lasers will match only prices on specific items made by the same sole manufacturer, no counterfeit or “knock off” items will ever be matched or considered. For example, an item is similar in every way but is not made by the same manufacturer, like many knock off or counterfeit laser goods out there. These will NEVER be met with our price protection.

If you ask Big Lasers to match any price, the competitors sales tax (if applicable) and shipping costs (if applicable) will also not be taken into account.

Adjustments to price are limited to one per order within a working week time period. Coupons or promotions, or one time use platforms will be considered non-acceptable and non-verifiable and will not be eligible for price protection guarantee.

Big Lasers reserves the right to deny any price match on an item that may not be in stock with a competitor or does not meet the criteria of our price-match policy.

*Subject to change or denial*