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"Classic" Blue Laser Pointer 2mW - 5mW
"Classic" Blue Laser Pointer 2mW - 5mW

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Warranty: 12 Months Standard
Goggles: Laser Shades ($29.95)


The original blue laser pointer is extremely stable and offers a great laser design that was one of the first blue lasers ever developed. If you are interested in a blue laser you want to consider this beautiful hand held piece thats perfect for any laser collection.

Model: Blue Laser Pointer
Size: 17x150mm
Wavelength: 473nm
Laser Body: Black Polished Brass
Transverse Mode: TEM00
Output Power: 2mW - 5mW
Beam Divergence: ~1.5 mRad
Beam Diameter: 1.5mm
Power Supply CR2 Lithium Battery (1 pc)
Operating Temperature: 15 - 35 C
Switch: Momentary On/Off Button
Expected Lifetime: >5000 hours
Warranty: 12 Months