Laser Pointer Color Differences – Brightest? Burning?

With so many different laser pointer options available today, knowing the science behind the brightest colors and highest output powers may not be so straight forward. It’s important to know what makes one laser beam color brighter than another at … Continue reading

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532nm/658nm Combined Red-Green Laser System

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Standard Model:
Lab Spec Model:

Warranty: 12 Months Standard
Goggles: Laser Shades ($29.95)

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This FDA compliant combined 532nm/658nm RG DPSS Laser is ideal for a wide range of scientific applications and produces either a green, red, or yellow/orange beam of laser light. Available in a range of output powers from 300mW to 1,000mW (1W), this RG laser includes color control, a 1 year warranty, compact and light design, air cooling, and runs on standard AC power.

  • FDA Approved - FDA compliant power source, 90-264V AC FDA

  • Lab Spec Model - includes full LED control panel with diode current display info and safety powerlock, as well as analog modulation and external power control.
Model: 532nm/658nm RG Laser
Output Power: 300mW - 1,000mW (1W)
Operating Mode: CW/Modulation
Total Output Power (mW): >800 (red>500, green>300), >500 (red>300, green>200), >300 (red>180, green>120)
Power Stability (rms, >4hrs): <10%, <5%, <3%, <1%
Warm Up Time (minutes): <10 min.
Beam Divergence, full (mrad): <5.0
Beam Diameter aperture (mm): ~6.0
TTL/Analog Modulation: 2kHz or Lab Spec Analog 30kHz
Beam Height From Base (mm): 36mm
Transverse Mode: TE00/TEM00
Power Supply (90-264VAC): PSU-H-FDA
Expected Lifetime (hours): 8,000
Warranty: 12 Months
Lab Spec Model:
  • Analog modulation
  • Adjustable output power via dial
  • LED displaying LD current temperature